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    Care Research Network, Round Table 4, October 4, 2019, Canberra. Photo by Rebecca Mayo..

  • Creation of a Carer, digital photo, 2016 by Danica Knezevic

  • International Womens Day March 1979 reconstruction Arts Precinct Wollongong for future Feminist Archive Live in Wollongong 2019

  • Claire Field and Caroline Phillips, Care, George Paton Gallery Care Symposium Exhibition,2019

  • Rachael Haynes, Let's Take Back Our Space, Hutton Lane, Brisbane, for Razzle Dazzle Outdoor Gallery, 2020


 Contemporary Art & Feminism. Womanifesto, 2001

ARCHIVING WOMANIFESTO: An International Art Exchange, 1990s - Present.
The Cross Art Projects
18 October to 16 November 2019

In 1995 an informal gathering of women artists, writers and activists in Bangkok put together a feminist art exhibition, Tradisexion. Calling themselves Womanifesto, this collective went on to organize biennale events that aimed to increase women’s visibility. 

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The Care Project Symposium week

Join us for four days of talks, performances, workshops, and artworks, with over 50 artists, activists, writers, researchers, dancers and performers from around Australia who are thinking and practicing care in inspiring ways.

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