Future Feminist Archive: Live! in Wollongong

Future Feminist Archive 2019

Future Feminist Archive: Live! in Wollongong
Curated by Jo Holder & Catriona Moore

: Friday 8 March, International Women’s Day, Wollongong Art Gallery
Exhibition runs: 8 March to 2 June, 2019

Future Feminist Archive In conversation: Wednesday 17 April, 1-2pm
Join archivist, blogger and historian Michael Organ and activist and curator Sharon Callaghan and guests for a roundtable on the future of feminist archives in the Illawarra.

Artists: Alison Alder, Belle Blau, Julie Freeman, Deborah Kelly, Fiona MacDonald, Wendy Murray, Ciara Phillips & Jessie Street National Women’s Library, Steve Smith
Print Set: Future Feminist Archive
Poets: Isabella Luna, Kirli Saunders, Lorin Elizabeth
Archives: Sydney Trades Hall Collection, Kandos Museum, WIN TV, Wollongong Local Studies Library, University of Wollongong Archive, Wollongong Art Gallery, Private Collections
1979 IWD March Reconstruction performers: The Femme Fatales – A performance and film made for IWD anniversary celebrations 2019 at Wollongong Art Gallery. The Femme Fatales are: Mel Wishart, Director and lead Alto Sax / Rhiannon Morgan, Administrator and Alto sax / Lesley Goldacre, Administrator and Drum/Percussion / Sue Bonner, Drum/Percussion / Janet Andrews, Tapan Drum / Matilda Dickson, Tenor sax / Sally Wilson, Tuba / Jenne Cook, Trumpet / Darian Turner, Trombone / Kerrie Faulkner, Bass Drum / Wendy O’Regan, Dance and Cymbal / Feonah Cowlin, Tap Dance (solo) / Catherine Phillpott, Flute / Julia Stjepanovic, Percussion / Anne Phelan, Accordion / CiCi Williams, Dance. More information about The Femmes Fatales.

Contemporary Art & Feminism, badges

Selected Badges: Appear on T-shirts worn by marchers in the IWD 1979 March. Selections sourced from the Kandos Museum Collection (donated by Kath Butler), and the Trades Hall Collection, Sydney (14 badges donated by: Cathy Bloch, NSW Teachers Federation, Sydney and Wollongong; Audrey Mcdonald, Union of Australian Women; Peace Dove, Brass Badge, Seamen’s Union (Donated by Kondelea (known as Della) Elliott (1917–2011), who in the 1950s worked for the Waterside Workers' Federation, then Seamen's Union from 1955 to 1088. In retirement she helped establish the Jessie Streets Women's Library); Bill Pirie Collection (Sydney Trades Hall, Heritage Officer); and from a private collection in Sydney the 2 Badges: United Nations Decade for Women (1976-1985) and Equal Pay Year (1986). Photo: Bernie Fischer


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