Women’s Gaze and the Feminist Film Archive — April 6, 2015

A panel in the Contemporary Art and Feminism (CAF) Future Feminist Archive Symposium

Art Gallery of New South Wales 6 April 2015

In this session, filmmakers Martha Ansara, Margot Nash and Jeni Thornley return to their feminist origins and discuss some of the groundbreaking films they produced in the 1970s. Individual presentations include clips from Film For Discussion (Martha Ansara with the Sydney Women’s Film Group 1973), We Aim To Please (Robin Laurie and Margot Nash 1976) and Maidens (Jeni Thornley 1978). Joining them is emerging filmmaker Natalie Krikowa who suggests that these pioneering women laid the foundations upon which a new generation of feminist filmmakers, like her, now stand. Other key films from the period such as My Survival as an Aboriginal (Essie Coffey 1978), Size 10 (Sarah Gibson and Susan Lambert 1978) and For Love or Money (Megan McMurchy, Margot Nash, Margot Oliver and Jeni Thornley 1983) are also discussed. The panel highlights the importance of recognising Australian women’s film history and current practice by working towards the creation of a digital-online space, providing scholars and film-arts-media related organisations with an invaluable research and study tool. Film scholar Sarah Attfield chairs the session.