Exhibition: The f Word Stage 1 — Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, July 2014

The f Word, Contemporary Art in Australia

The f Word Sale, July 19 - September 7

The ties between political and cultural practices are strong. Within the feminist movement of the seventies female artists used their work to challenge prevailing norms and voice new ways of looking at the world. The f Word, Sale, is the first in a two part project exploring the current resurgence in contemporary feminist art that once again seeks to make voices heard. These voices come from the past and the present, joining together to re-imagine a feminist future of community, engagement and activism to reconfigure contemporary feminist art practices.

Featured artists Catherine Bell, Penny Byrne, Filomena Coppola, Kate Just, Jill Orr, Clare Rae, Elvis Richardson. 




Installation images by Clare Rae


The f Word, Sale is the first instalment of the The f Word project, curated by Caroline Phillips.

Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale

Port of Sale Civic Centre

68-70 Foster St Sale


This project is supported by The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.
The f Word is also supported by The Melbourne Social Equity Institute and
The Victorian College of the Arts, Matters of the Body Research Cluster